that embodies the concept of what Asian cultural aesthetics might have been like if Asian countries had achieved cultural modernization without Western influence

Jihoon (志訓)

Born and raised in South Korea.
Growing up surrounded by visual arts, I had many opportunities in my childhood to familiarise myself with techniques in drawing, painting, and ceramic art.
I started learning design in my high school and then I pursued industrial design in the university.
Since 2017, I work professionally as a tattooist in Berlin.

Armor for the human body

The slogan ‘Armor for the Human Body’ began since I started to consider the tattoos on my body as a form of protection.
After that, I studied how the idea of Armor could be translated as tattoo-based art form.
Most motifs in my work are derived from traditional asian patterns, symbols, and architecture. I found a direction of portraying them in flat, two-dimensional, and modern form. 
‘Armor for the Human Body’: Armor can be considered physical protection, spiritual protection, a means to express themselves and many more depending on the clients’ individual experience and journey.
I hope all of my clients’ find their own personal interpretations with the ‘Armor’ I am trusted to ink on their body.