1. Do you do cover ups? What should I be aware of in advance?

Yes, I do cover ups.

First of all, what you need to keep in mind is that perfect cover ups rarely happen. Therefore, blast over is my preferred method. This means that your old tattoos might still be partially visible.

Second, there is a higher probability of a need to retouch, especially when your old tattoo is done in colours.

Third, there are less possibilities and less flexibility when it comes to the design because we need to work around the shape of your old tattoo.

2. Do the symbols in your designs have any special meaning or cultural significance?

Some of the symbols do have meanings behind them.

However, as a designer I don’t put any particular meanings on my designs and I wouldn’t force my clients to believe in the meanings.

With my work, I would like to invite people to find their own personal interpretations.

3. In which cities can I find you?

I am based in Berlin, and I visit Paris, London, and Barcelona every 3-6 months.

In 2023, I expect to be a guest in Bali, Hong Kong, LA, and NYC.

4. Why Freehand and why Stencil?

Freehand is an efficient way of reading customers’ own body flows.

Also, it works better for the placements that are difficult to apply the stencil on, such as neck, shoulder, ankle, etc.

Stencil is efficient for symmetric or detailed designs.

5. Where does your inspiration come from?

Most of the design structures are based on traditional architecture, clothing, and paintings from Korea.

However, Korean culture is not the only thing that I use for my designs. 

The inspiration comes from all Asian culture and occasionally from non-Asian cultures as well.

6. What do I need to prepare before the sessions?

Please shave all the hair from the area you want to get tattooed on.

Do not drink alcohol the day before.

Bring some snacks, sweets, or drinks to recharge your energy during the session.

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